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Lenovo Mobile launches new models to strengthen smartphone business

28 August 2012

Lenovo Mobile announced today the launch of two new models that signifies its strong intent to be among the top players in the smartphone market in the Philippines and globally.

Dillon Ye, Executive Director, Rest of World Business Operation and Phone Business Development said: “Since our launch in October 2011, Lenovo Mobile has slowly gained a foothold in the mobile market backed by our exclusive partnership with Open Communications, a member of the Tao Group of Companies.  With the strong acceptance of the market with our previous smartphone models, we have gained confidence that our new models will further propel Lenovo as a highly competitive smartphone manufacturer”.

The new models launched were A60+, an improved model of Lenovo’s entry-level device, and the stylish S880, a 5-inch screen “phablet” that effectively combines the telephone, entertainment, and business functions of the smartphone with ease and convenience of the user in mind.

John Rojo, Business Unit Head of Open Communications said: “We are excited with the opportunity to offer to the market the new Lenovo smartphones. These devices cater to the broad segment of users who value durable quality, unique design and most importantly, affordability.”

As an entry –level smartphone, A60+ will be priced at P4,999 but with features that exceeds the needs of the new smartphone user with its 1G processor, rich multi-media, and enhanced user interface.

The S880 “phablet” is the flagship model of Lenovo Mobile, positioned as a phone and mutli-media device in one. With its large 5-inch screen yet slim and stylish design, and equipped with Lenovo Sound technology, the S880 is at forefront of pioneering efforts to make smartphones the screen of choice for entertainment and information needs of users.

The launch of the new phones followed an earlier announcement that Lenovo’s integrated phone and smartphone market have reached new heights by grabbing the second spot in terms of market share in China’s competitive mobile phone market. This is the company’s highest market rank as of yet according to the report from Sino Market Research Ltd.

In May, Lenovo Mobile’s market share increased by 1.2% in the total mobile phone market, totaling 11% of the Chinese market. The figure moved the Lenovo brand up to number 2, from third place in May.

Lenovo increased by 2.5% in the smartphone market during the same period totaling a market share of 13.1%. The Lenovo smartphone is now ranked above other local brands, having come from fourth place in May. This jump has also made the distance from top-ranking Samsung closer with just a difference of 2.4 percentage points.

This year, Lenovo Mobile has already released a slew of Android phones that has captured the attention of Filipino smartphone buyers, like the P700, a 4-inch screen Ice Cream Sandwich powered Android which boasts of a 2500 mAh battery that promises much longer usage at a competitive price of P10,999.

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  1. Ruben Ramirez says:

    Updated my p700, and now can’t open my calendar. Any suggestion to reactivate my calendar? Thanks.


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