Lenovo P700

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    Overwhelm the competition

    It's overpowering with a 2500 mAh battery! Enjoy more app time and let the P700 help you with that business or grab that opportunity. Running on Ice Cream Sandwich this Android lets you enjoy power and convenience of a smartphone.


    • • 2500 mAh Battery Capacity
    • • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    • • 4.0" Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen
    • • Dual SIM / Dual Standby
    • • Portable WLAN Hotspot
    • • 5 Megapixel AF Clear Camera
    • • VGA Front Camera
    • • Wi-Fi 3G / GPRS / EDGE / Bluetooth Connectivity
    • • 1Ghz CPU Speed
    • • Support MicroSD Card upto 32 GB



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    1. What is an Android?

      Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.

      Android™ delivers a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.

      Android was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of all that a handset has to offer. It was built to be truly open. Android is an open source; it can be liberally extended to incorporate new cutting edge technologies as they emerge. The platform will continue to evolve as the developer community works together to build innovative mobile applications.

    2. How do I check the version of my Android phone?

      Just go to your phone's Settings then tap About phone, from there you can check the Android Version of your phone. As of now, the latest version of P700 is ICS 4.0.3.

    3. What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

      Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more. It builds on the things people love most about Android — easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity — and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.

    4. How to check if my phone memory is getting low?

      You may check the phone's internal memory, internal storage and the external memory card in the Storage settings to know the available memory. To check the available space, go to Settings>Storage.

    5. What is a dual-SIM phone?

      A dual SIM phone is one which holds two SIM cards. Initially, dual-SIM adapters were made available to use in regular mobile phones to allow them to contain two SIMs, and to switch from one to the other as required. Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time.

    6. How do I enable my phone's dual-SIM?
      How do I put a second SIM in my phone?

      Switch off the mobile phone, remove the battery and disconnect the external power supply. Slide the SIM card into its SIM2 holder with the gold-colored contacts facing down. (Note: The phone can identify 3G network while in SIM1 holder, and it can only identify 2G network in SIM2 holder.)

    7. Is my Android phone a dual SIM capable?

      Yes, Lenovo P700 is a dual SIM phone. It is capable of handling two SIM cards. Both SIM cards are always ON. You can receive calls and messages simultaneously without needing to reboot the phone. (Note: The phone can identify 3G and 2G network SIM1 slot, and it can only identify 2G network in SIM2 slot.)

    8. Can I use my front camera for taking pictures?

      Yes. You can use the front camera for taking pictures and for video calling.

    9. Where can I download games and applications on my phone?

      You can download games and application by using the phone's built-in Google Play Store application. From there, you can download tons of applications for FREE and some paid apps. Be sure to register first in order to have an account on Android Market / Google Play. Registration is free, but a Google E-mail is required.
      You may also download games once you're registered in myLenovoWorld -- a feature that will be enabled in the Lenovo mobile website's near future.

    10. Can I customize my Homescreen?

      Yes. One of the best things about the Android phone is its customization, as it allows almost any sort of customization, right from the home screen even to the start up screens. You may add live wallpaper, shortcuts, widgets, clock, etc. Customization can be done also by downloading a simple software tool on your Google Play Store application.

    11. What do I do if my Internet (Edge/3G) stops working?

      Check your network settings if it is correct. It must be properly configured. Also, try to enable then disable Airplane mode. You may also try to reboot your phone. As a last resort, restore the phone in factory settings. Please make sure to backup your data. If problem still occurs, please call our Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855, they will be happy to assist you with this.

    12. How do I configure my network settings?

      To configure your network settings, go to: >Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks>Access Point Names. To add access point names, press Option key and select New APN. Note: You may call your network provider to check other network parameters.

    13. How do I enable or disable my phone's Airplane mode?

      In stand-by mode or in your homescreen, long press the 'Power' button to see options and select the Airplane mode to switch ON/OFF.

    14. How do i force restart or reboot my phone?

      Press the 'Power' button until you see the options on your screen and select 'Power off'.

    15. How do I put my phone on stand-by mode?

      Press the 'Home' button key to switch your screen to stand-by mode or go back to your Homescreen.

    16. Is there a way to switch the GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and Screen Brightness ON and OFF easily without going to Settings of the phone?

      Android includes a built-in Power Widget that can easily toggle these settings ON or OFF. Just long-tap on the background of your homescreen, then choose Widgets and select Power Control to add it on your homescreen.

    17. How do I know what applications are running in the background?

      Check your Application Manager by simply going to >Settings>Applications>Running Processes. From there, you can see all running applications.

    18. How do I check what applications are installed in my device?

      You can view all installed apps on the Apps Menu under your phone's Settings. Go to Settings and then tap Apps. You can check all system apps and recently installed applications under Internal Memory, USB Storage / SD Card Storage.

    19. How do I delete or uninstall applications?

      You can delete applications by going to your phone's Settings and tap Apps and select the "Downloaded" tab on the upper left portion of the screen. From there, you can see all applications that are currently installed in your device. To uninstall unwanted apps, simply tap the application and tap "Uninstall".

    20. How do I quickly uninstall Apps?

      Life is easier with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
      Immediately uninstall unwanted apps by just tapping an application on the Apps Menu for about 2-3 seconds. You can immediately delete the apps without going to Settings.

    21. How do I add Widgets, Shortcuts and Folders to my Home screen?

      Simply tap your screen anywhere on the homescreen for about 2 seconds.

    22. How do I change my screen wallpaper?

      You can simply change your wallpaper by tapping the home screen for 2 secs and select the Wallpaper. Choose the source from the list, Gallery, Live Wallpaper, Static Wallpapers or Video Wallpapers.

    23. My phone vibrates everytime I tap the screen, how do I disable this function?

      Go to Settings>Language & input>Android Keyboard and untick "Vibrate on keypress" to disable.

    24. How do I disable the keyboard's Auto-Suggestion function when composing messages?

      Simply go to Settings>Language & input>Android Keyboard and tap "Show correction suggestions" and choose "Always hide".

    25. How do I unlock the screen?

      Press the power button to light up your screen then tap and hold the lock button and drag it to the right until it reaches the unlock icon.

    26. How do I lock the screen?

      Simply press the Power button to lock the screen.

    27. How do I clear my notification window?

      Pull down the notification bar or status bar using a top to bottom finger swipe, then hit the "X'" to clear all notifications.

    28. Does my phone support a microSD card?

      Yes. Lenovo P700 supports up to 32 GB of additional memory.

    29. How do I replace my microSD card?

      Before replacing your memory card, remove your SIM card(s) first then gently pull the memory card on it's holder. Once your memory card is removed, gently insert the memory card with the gold-colored contacts facing down.

    30. How do I zoom IN and OUT on my photos from the Gallery?

      You can zoom in and out by pinching in/out the photo by using your two fingers.

    31. When I switched on my phone, 'Invalid SIM' appeared on my screen. What do I do?

      Make sure that your SIM card is correctly inserted.
      Follow the instuctions below on how to insert your SIM card properly:

      1. Remove the battery cover and the external battery of the phone.

      2. Insert the SIM card with gold-colored contacts facing down and gently push until it fits on the SIM card holder.

      Note: The phone can identify both 3G and 2G network while in SIM1 holder, and 2G network in SIM2 holder.

      Then, check whether your SIM card works normally.If an error message appears,your SIM card is defective or damaged. In this case, contact your network service operator.

    32. Why can't I send SMS?

      Check the options related to your messaging service center. You may have forgotten to subscribe to the SMS service or the recipient number is not available. Another possible reason is that your local network service operator does not support this service (refer to your local network operator for details).

    33. How do I check the options relating to my messaging service center?

      To check your SMS service center, go to your Messages and press the 'Menu' key and tap 'Settings' and select 'SMS Service Center'. Make sure to input the correct SMS center number provided by your Network Operator.

    34. Why is my phone not charging?

      There are three possible reasons: One is that your charger is defective (in this case you have to contact your local Lenovo dealer or service center); the second possible reason is related to the charging environment temperature (make sure the charging room temperature is suitable); and the third possible reason is poor connection (check your charger plug connection properly).

    35. What is the right room temparature for charging my phone?

      When charging the battery, be sure to put your mobile phone and charger in well-ventilated areas with the range of temperature between -10℃~+50℃

    36. Can I run multiple apps at once?

      Yes, you can run multiple applications simultaneously. To view applications that are running, go to >Settings>Apps>Running Processes.

    37. I purchased an Application from Google Play Store on my previous Android phone, I want to download it for my Lenovo P700, do I have to purchase it again?

      Applications are held in Android Market under a user's Google ID. Just log in your Google ID on the Google Play Store from your Lenovo P700, and they will be there to re-download at no charge.

    38. Can I save two numbers under one contact name?

      Yes. Use the phone's memory to save the contacts numbers.

    39. How can I create a quick shortcut on my home screen?

      Open the App Launcher. From the App Launcher, tap and hold the application to drag it directly onto the homescreen as a shortcut.

    40. Can I format my memory card using my phone?

      Yes. To format your memory card, go to 'Settings' on your phone and tap 'Storage', then select 'Unmount SD card', once your memory card is unmounted, you can now reformat it by tapping 'Erase SD card'.

    41. Can my phone send Multimedia messages? How?

      Yes. P700 supports MMS. To create MMS,
      - Select Messaging application.
      - Tap "+" to compose new message.
      - Select Menu > Add subject.
      - The message automatically gets converted into a MMS.
      - In the To field, enter the recipient's phone number or email address.
      - Enter the Subject.
      - To insert a media files like picture, audio or video, just tap the Attachment (paperclip icon) that is located on the upper right corner of the screen.
      - To insert text, just tap "Type message", and then enter your message.
      - Click Send.

    42. How many contact numbers can I save on my phone memory?

      It's practically unlimited.

    43. Can I use my phone as a webcam to my computer?

      No. You cannot use your Lenovo P700 as a webcam.

    44. My phone doesn't switch on. What do I do?

      If your phone doesn't swtich on, please do the following:

      1. Check if the battery is properly inserted. Make sure that the gold colored-contacts of the battery is aligned on the phone's battery terminal.

      2. Check if your battery is deeply drained. Connect your charger to your phone, make sure that your battery is well charged.

      3. Make sure 'Power' button is pressed for about 5 secs.

      If your phone still doesn't switch on, call the Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855.

    45. Why does 'Enter PIN Code' appear after I switch ON my phone?

      The SIM lock feature of your phone has been activated under Security Settings. Enter the valid PIN code for your SIM card. If you do not know this code, contact your network service operator immediately. To switch OFF this feature, go to Settings>Security>Set up SIM card lock, then untick the "Lock SIM card" and enter your valid PIN code.

    46. My display prompts "Enter PUK code:", what do I do?

      If you enter the PIN code incorrectly three times in a row, your SIM card will be locked. In this case, you have to enter the PUK code to unlock your SIM card. Please contact your network service operator immediately.

    47. Can I set my own wallpaper?

      Yes. To set your own wallpaper, long-tap your homescreen until "Add to Home screen" appears then tap "Wallpaper", you may select your own wallpaper by tapping "Gallery". From there, you can choose any wallpapers you want.

    48. The first time I opened the box, I noticed some damage to the unit and/or the unit's casing. What should I do?

      In the rare occurrence that your Lenovo P700 appears to have some damage or is not functioning properly straight out of the box, please refer to the enclosed Warranty Card and the Conditions of Limited Warranty.

    49. If I accidentally drop my phone, can I ask for a replacement?

      No. Accidental or improper use is not covered by the phone's Limited Warranty. Please refer to the enclosed Warranty Card.

    50. If something goes wrong with my phone, is there a number I can call?

      Yes. You can call the Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855.

    51. How do I "activate" my phone's warranty?

      It is advisable that you immediately register your phone to ensure Warranty Coverage. You can register your phone at the Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855, or email your details at register@lenovomobile.com.ph, or send your warranty details to: GLOBE: (+63) 917-564-5744 or SUN: (+63) 922-875-3157.

    52. Does my phone supports SW update?

      Yes, you can visit Lenovo Mobile Service Center for your phone's SW update, or you can call Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855 for more info.

      Lenovo P700 also supports OTA (Over-the-air) update so you don't need to go to Service Center just to update your phone. To check if your phone is currently updated, go to Settings>About phone>Firmware update. Make sure you have internet connection before checking it.

    53. How to put a call on hold?

      If you are having a call conversation and there is another incoming call, select hold to put the first call on hold. To unhold the call, select unhold.

    54. Does my P700 support conference call? How?

      Yes. If you are already having a call conversation, select Hold (Pause icon) to put the call on hold. Select "Add" to make another call. After connecting to the second call, select merge calls to set up the conference call.

    55. How can I add contacts?

      - Enter the Main Menu select Contacts.
      - Tap "+" icon to add contacts.
      - Select the appropriate storage i.e. Phone/SIM 1/SIM 2.
      - You can enter contact information such as name, phone number, email address etc, if you select storage as “Phone”.
      - Tap Done to save the contact or tap Cancel to exit without saving any change.

    56. How to import contacts?

      - Enter the Main Menu select select Contacts.
      - Tap Menu > Import/Export.
      - Select a particular source to import the contacts from.
      - Select Next.
      - Select the destination, such as Phone to copy contacts to.
      - Select Next.
      - Tap "Check" icon to select all contacts or tap any contacts you want to copy.
      - Tap Copy (located at the lower right part of your screen).

    57. Does my Lenovo P700 supports Email? How to setup my Email account?

      - On Home screen, Tap Email. Or open the Apps Menu by tapping the App Launcher and select Email.
      - Enter your Email address and Password.
      - Tap Next. The device will automatically retrieve email settings.
      - Enter Name and Account display name.
      - Tap Done.

    58. How to open a web page?

      - From the Apps Menu, select Browser
      - Tap the address bar.
      - Type the URL and tap Go
      - Tap Menu to access more functions, such as bookmarks, history and other browser related settings.

    59. How to set my favorite homepage?

      Open the Browser App and tap the Menu-key then tap Settings then General and tap Set homepagea nd select "Other". Enter the URL of page that you want to set as home page and select Ok.

    60. Does my Lenovo P700 supports File Browser?

      Yes, the Lenovo P700 has a built-in File Browser app. You can browse, open and manage the data saved in the Device and Memory card by accessing the File Browser sub-menu. The device provides a certain space for users to manage files and supports the T-Flash card. You can use the file browser to conveniently manage various directories and files on the device and the T-Flash card.
      - Select File Browser
      - Select the folder list and tap the folder you want to explore.

    61. Does my Lenovo P700 has built-in Sound Recorder?

      Yes, the Lenovo A65 has a built-in sound recorder. You can use the sound recorder to record sounds and also select to save the recordings in your phone. Tap Application Launcher to access Apps Menu > Sound Recorder. When in the sound recorder interface, press menu key to select recording format and record history.

    62. How to use the Bluetooth connectivity of my Lenovo P700?

      You can transfer data, such as music to other device using Bluetooth. Search the device and accept/transfer data. The received data is automatically stored in the directory.
      - Access Settings by entering the Apps Menu
      - Switch ON Bluetooth
      - To make your device discoverable, tap your device name (e.g. Lenovo P700). The default discoverable time is set to 2 minutes.

    63. What is USB / Bluetooth Tethering and Portable WLAN Hotspot?

      USB / Bluetooth Tethering and Portable WLAN hotspot, by enabling this function on your phone, you can access your phone's internet connection wirelessly or via USB cable on your PC.

    64. How to use USB Tethering?

      Connect the Lenovo P700 to PC via USB cable. From your P700, switch on your data connection and open the Tethering and portable Hotspot application and check USB tethering to activate. Note: Please make sure your phone is in USB debugging mode, also make sure to put your SIM card on SIM1 slot for faster internet browsing.

    65. How to use my phone as a Portable WLAN Hotspot?

      To setup Portable WLAN hotspot on your phone, make sure you have enabled your phone's 3G / Data connection. Once this feature is enabled, open the Tethering & portable hotspot app and tap "Portable WLAN hotspot" to activate. You may also set a security password so that other wireless devices may not access your phone's internet connection. To setup password, go to Portable WLAN hotspot settings>Configure WLAN hotspot and add a security password.

    66. How to use Bluetooth Tethering?

      To setup Bluetooth Tethering on your phone, make sure you have enabled your phone's 3G / Data connection. Once this feature is enabled, open the Tethering & portable hotspot app and tap "Bluetooth Tethering" to activate (Make sure that your P700 is already paired on your other wireless devices).

    67. How to take pictures and videos on Lenovo P700?

      Open the Camera application of your phone to take a photo, or just simply hold the camera key for a few seconds. Press the camera key or the "shoot key" on the screen to take a picture. To switch the Camera to Video, tap Video icon to "Switch to video recorder". You may also select the Panorama icon "to switch in to Panorama mode".

    68. How to share my photos using my Lenovo P700?

      To share a picture, tap the captured photo and tap "Share" icon, from there you may choose to share your photo through social networking apps, via bluetooth, MMS, Email etc.

    69. How to backup and restore my file using my Lenovo P700?

      To backup your files, open the BackupAndRestore app on your phone, select "Backup user data", from there you may choose to backup your Contacts, Messaging, Call log and Apps. If you wish to restore your files, just open the BackupAndRestore app and select a backup file you want to restore under "Backed up list" menu. Once you have selected a file from the list, tap "Restore".

    70. What is threaded SMS?

      A threaded SMS is like being able to read the conversation between 2 people as if it's a chat box.

    71. How to create and add applications on Folder at my Home screen?

      To create folders on your homescreen, tap and hold the screen for a few seconds to bring up "Add to Homescreen" menu, then tap "Folders" and tick all applications you want to add on that folder. To rename the folder, open the folder and hold down the folder header and rename it. To add application shortcuts, open App launcher and hold and drag application to the folder you have created.

    72. How can I view and manage the data storage of my Lenovo P700?

      To view the storage of your device, go to Settings > Storage. Manage the data storage of your device:
      Internal Storage: The total space of your internal storage is 755MB. You may also check here the available space of your Internal memory.
      USB Storage: This storage is built in on your phone, the total space is 1.85GB. You may also check here the available space.
      SD Storage: The supplied package comes with a free 4GB microSD card. You can upgrade your memroy card up to 32GB (sold separately).

    73. What is Google Search?

      Now your device enables you to find anything anywhere with Google Search. Please ensure that you have switched your data connection on or WiFi has been activated connected to a wireless hotspot. Just type your query in the search bar and press Go. The result page will open up.

    74. What is G-Talk?

      Google Talk is Google's instant messaging program.
      To sign in to Google Talk, tap tha App launcher and tap Google Talk / Talk.
      - Select Create or Sign in your Google account.
      - Follow the on screen instructions to login or create your Gmail username and password.
      - Once logged in, you can begin using Google Talk and View friend's list, Add friends to friend's list, sign out and view terms and privacy.

    75. Does my Lenovo P700 supports wireless FM Radio?

      Yes. The Lenovo P700 has a built-in wireless FM Radio, so you won't be needing a wired headset in order to listen to your favorite radio station. You may also record your favorite FM station by tapping the "Record" button.

    76. What is FM Transmitter?

      An FM transmitter is a portable device, which converts a specific audio output into an FM radio signal. The Lenovo P700 is capable of doing this, just switch on your FM transmitter app and pair it to any FM Radio devices by simply entering the same frequency. One common use of an FM transmitter is to play music from an MP3 player through the speakers of a car. Your car stereo basically serves as alternative speakers for your P700.

    77. Does my phone supports software for backing up my data?

      Yes. The Lenovo P700 comes with an IdeaTool Software that can be found on your phone's USB storage. Just extract the "IdeaTool" software and install it on your PC. This software helps you to back up your Messages, Contacts, Applications and Media files right from your PC.

    78. Where can I find the USB driver of my Lenovo P700?

      The USB driver of P700 can be found through your phone's built-in USB Storage.

    79. What is the function of my Backup and Restore app on my phone?

      Conveniently back up your Contacts, Messages, Call Logs and Downloaded Applications right from your Lenovo P700. No need to use PC and a USB cable in order to back up your file. It's a very useful app made for Lenovo Android Smartphone users.

    80. What is Face Unlock?

      Android 4.0 introduces a completely new approach to securing a device, making each person's device even more personal — Face Unlock is a new screen-lock option that lets users unlock their devices with their faces.

    81. How to setup Face Unlock?

      Go to Settings>Security>Screen lock and select Face Unlock. To setup, put your face in front of the P700's screen.
      Tip: Find an indoor spot, not too bright or too dim. Hold the phone at eye level.
      Once your face has been captured by your phone, tap "Continue" and choose a backup lock between "Pattern" and "PIN".

    82. How to unlock my Lenovo P700 using Face Unlock?

      Press the "Power" button to light up your screen, then put your face in front of your phone screen. Your phone will automatically unlocked once your face has been recognized.

    83. What is the function of the Recent Apps button of my phone?

      The Recent Apps button lets you jump instantly from one task to another using the list in the System Bar. The list pops up to show thumbnail images of apps used recently — tapping a thumbnail switches to the app.

    84. How can I take screenshot on my Lenovo P700?

      Taking a screenshots on your Lenovo P700 is so easy. All you have to do is go to the screen you want to screenshot and press both "Power" button and "Volume Down-key" simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically saved on your Gallery files.

      Note: You don't need to install a third party application in order to take screenshots. The Lenovo P700 has a built-in function for this feature.

    85. What is the CPU Speed of my Lenovo P700?

      The Lenovo P700 has a 1GHz CPU Speed which allows for outstanding web browsing , for smoother gaming and better application performance.

    86. What is the RAM of my Lenovo P700?

      The Lenovo P700 has a RAM of 512MB which allows you to run more applications without fear of slowing the phone's performance.

    87. What is the Battery Capacity of Lenovo P700?

      The Lenovo P700 has a 2500 mAh battery capacity for longer battery life and more app time. Now you can enjoy watching videos or movie trailers on YouTube, play games, listen to music and surf your favorite website without having to worry of draining the battery faster.

    88. My Lenovo P700 has a pre-installed Battery Saving app, what are the functions of this app?

      Battery Saving is an application developed and owned by Lenovo for Android mobile phones. This smart application helps to monitor battery status, power consumption statistics for both hardware and software applications and to control battery usage.

      The specific functionality of this software are as follows:

      1. On this app, the main screen shows the information and the current level of the battery status and the estimated standby time of your phone. From this screen, you may also switch your preferred battery pattern.

      2. This application shows the battery usage and statistics of most used applications.

      3. This application also shows the statistics of the hardware which uses the battery.

      4. Choose whether to activate or deactivate "Switch Battery Pattern" function. You may also set your desired power value. When battery reached the value you have set, it will automatically switch in to your chosen Pattern.

      5. User have an option whether to show or not to show the battery percentage icon on the status bar.

    89. How to maximize my battery? Is there a way I can save battery?

      There are some ways to save your battery. Below are some helpful tips to consider:

      1. Turn OFF the wireless feature when not needed (WiFi / WLAN).

      2. Switch OFF all connectivities when not in used: Data Connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS.

      3.Reduce the brightness of your display. Check your LCD Brightness settings.

      4. Switch OFF Windows Animation, Live Wallpaper.

      5. Switch the vibration, haptic feedback OFF if not needed.

      6. Set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible (e.g. 30 seconds).

      7. Terminate all running applications in the background when not in used.

      8. Switch OFF vibration and tones.

      9. Put the device in Airplane Mode while on an airline flight.

      10. Put your phone on stand-by mode when you're not using it.

      11. Use the Battery Savings App on your P700 to maximize your battery life / usage.

    90. What is the HSDPA and HSUPA speed of my Lenovo P700?

      The Lenovo P700 has an HSDPA speed of 7.2Mbps while the HSUPA is 5.76Mbps.

    91. "Firmware Update" appears on my notification window, what does this mean?

      This means that there's a new Software update available on your phone. This is an OTA (Over-the-air) update that can be downloaded via 3G/GPRS or WiFi connection. We strongly recommends the use of WiFi connection to avoid unwanted charges on your network provider.

      Warning: Before downloading this firmware update, please make sure your phone's default write disk is set to "USB Storage" otherwise this update won't be installed on your device.
      To set your phone, go to Settings > Storage and choose "USB Storage" as your default write disk. (Phone will restart).

    92. What is Panorama mode on my Camera?

      For capturing larger scenes, the Camera introduces a single-motion panorama mode. In this mode, you start an exposure and then slowly turn the Camera to encompass as wide a perspective as needed. The Camera assembles the full range of continuous imagery into a single panoramic photo.

    93. My Phone has built-in Lenovo Note application, what is this?

      Lenovo Note is an application that enables you to manage your notes or create notes with your own personal touch. You can use the camera to attach pictures or capture unforgettable moments, draw graphics using Graffiti feature and you may also record your voice and attach it to your notes.

    94. Does my phone supports video call?

      Yes. The Lenovo P700 can support video calls via 3G (Network to Network). It also support video call via third party apps like Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Fring, Tango, etc.

    95. Does my phone has a built-in themes?

      Yes. The stock launcher (IdeaDesktop) has built in themes. To check other themes, tap Menu-key and tap "Theme". The pre-installed themes are "Default", "Desktop Theme 1" and "Desktop Theme 2".

    96. Do my Lenovo P700's themes support different effects?

      Yes. You can add slide effects, flip animations, change Icon style, etc. on your homescreens and on the Apps Menu. To check the list and different animations, tap the Menu-key and select "Preferences".


    Software Downloads

    Idea Tool


    Snap Pea



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