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    Lenovo S800

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    Styled To See Beyond

    It's not often you find a phone that gets everyone talking. But the strikingly stylish and sleek Lenovo S800 does just that. It's the first phone in the Philippines with a transparent screen that magically lets your messages look like they're floating in air. Yet you'll find it loaded with solid features that keep it undoubtedly functional:


    • • Single-SIM
    • • GPRS, Bluetooth connectivity
    • • Transparent Screen with G-sensor
    • • Answering Machine
    • • Background Sound Effect
    • • SMS & Call Blacklist
    • • MP3, Sound Recorder and Video Playback
    • • MicroSD Card slot for up to 16GB for additional storage
    • • Mini-USB data sync
    • • 2 MP Camera, FM Radio
    • • Webcam functionality via USB



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    1. Why won't my downloaded wallpapers fit on the phone screen?

      Make sure that the size of the wallpaper is 240x320 pixels, otherwise it won't fit on the main screen.

    2. How can I set my own wallpaper?

      Go to Menu>Settings>Display settings>Wallpaper then choose "More wallpapers" and select "Memory card", then find the location / folder of the wallpaper you want to set and press "OK" button.

    3. Is there a way to filter input methods when creating messages?

      You can filter other input methods if you don't like to use them when composing messages. To filter input methods, go to Settings>Phone Settings>Input Method Settings>Input Methods Filter, and untick all input methods you don't like to use.

    4. How can I change the size of the camera resolution when taking pictures?

      When the camera is activated, press the no. '3' repeatedly on your keypad to switch between 240x320 (Portrait) to 640x480 (Landscape) and so on.

    5. I transferred pictures from my PC to my phone's memory card, how come I can't see the pictures from the Image Viewer of the phone?

      "In order to view your pictures from Image Viewer, you should save them in the Photo Folder of your memory card. Otherwise, it won't appear in the Image Viewer. You can also view pictures in a different folder. Simply go to ""My Docs"", select ""Memory card"", and locate the folder."

    6. I transferred video file from my PC to my phone's memory card, how come I can't see the video from the Video Player of the phone?

      In order to watch your videos from Video Player, you should save them in the Video Folder of your memory card. Otherwise, it won't appear in the Video Player. You can also view videos in a different folder. Just go to "My Docs", select "Memory card", and locate the folder. Please make sure that your video format is supported by the phone, otherwise video will not be recognized.

    7. What video formats are supported by my phone?

      Your phone support 3GP and MP4 video formats.

    8. How can I lock the phone using the keypad?

      From idle screen, press Go to (left softkey) and "*" key to lock the phone.

    9. How can I unlock the phone using the keypad?

      Press Unlock (left softkey) button and "*" key to unlock the phone.

    10. Can I format my memory card using my phone?

      Yes. Go to My Docs and select Memory Card, then press Options and select Format to format your memory card. Formatting your memory card will erase all your data.

    11. How do I use the background sound feature of the phone?

      Switching the background sound ON will allow both user and calling party to hear the background sound effect during ongoing calls. There are lots of predefined background sound effects to choose from (Motorcycle, Sidewalk, MRT1, MRT2, Restaurant, etc.). To use this feature, switch the Background sound ON and choose one sound effect on Effect List then press OK button.

    12. How can I record my own greetings on Answer Machine?

      Go to >Menu>Tools>Answer Machine>Settings, change to default Greeting File by selecting From Files and press OK. Select Memory Card then press Options and select Record New to record your own greeting.

    13. Why can't I connect to the Internet?

      Be sure that your GPRS settings is properly configured. Make sure that all network parameters are correct in order to access the Internet.

    14. Can my phone send Multimedia messages?

      Yes. Lenovo S800 can send MMS / or Multimedia messages from other phones. Just make sure that GPRS and MMS settings of the phone are properly configured to use the service.

    15. Does my phone support a microSD card?

      Yes, Lenovo S800 support microSD card up to 16 GB of additional memory.

    16. "If my microSD card gets corrupted, can i replace it? Or How do I replace my microSD card?"

      If your memory card gets corrupted, try to reformat your memory card first. Go to Menu>My Docs>Memory card and press "Options" and select "Format". If you're memory card still doesn't work, you may need to replace it and buy a new one. To replace your memory card, lift the metal cover plate of your memory card holder and insert your new memory card. When the memory card is already inserted, close the microSD cardholder by turning the metal cover plate down and gently pull the cover plate to lock.

    17. How will I know if I still have available space from my memory card?

      Simply go to >Menu>My Docs, from there you can see the total memory and free space of your memory card.

    18. Can I access my Facebook account and other social networking sites from my phone?

      Yes, Lenovo S800 has a built-in WAP browser which you can use to access your favorite sites.

      Network GPRS Settings must be configured first in order to access internet services. Please take note that browsing through your mobile is different from your computer.

    19. How do I configure my Network GRPS settings?

      GPRS settings are already pre-configured on your phone for Globe, Smart and Sun. To add more settings, Go to Settings>Connection settings>Data account>GPRS and add a data connection. Make sure that you have entered a correct parameters to be able GPRS to work. To get the correct settings, contact your Network provider.

    20. How many contact numbers can I save on my phone memory?

      Lenovo S800 has the capacity to store up to 1000 phonebook entries. Please note that SIM memory is not yet included.

    21. How can I input symbols when creating messages?

      You can input symbols by just pressing the [* key] on your keypad. A selection of symbols will appear on the screen, and you can choose by simply navigating your keys from left to right.

    22. Why can't I send SMS?

      Check the options related to your messaging service center. You may have forgotten to subscribe to the SMS service or the recipient number is not available. Another possible reason is that your local network service operator does not support this service (refer to your local network operator for details).

    23. How do I check the options relating to my messaging service center?

      To check your SMS service center, go to Menu>Messages>Message settings>SMS settings>Profile settings>SMS Centre and press the 'Options' key and select 'Edit'. Make sure to input the correct SMS center number provided by your Network Operator, and press "OK".

    24. Why is my phone not charging?

      There are three possible reasons: One is that your charger is defective (in this case you have to contact your local Lenovo dealer or service center); the second possible reason is related to the charging environment temperature (make sure the charging room temperature is suitable); and the third possible reason is poor connection (check your charger plug connection properly).

    25. What is the right room temparature for charging my phone?

      When charging the battery, be sure to put your mobile phone and charger in well-ventilated areas with the range of temperature between -10℃~+50℃

    26. I cannot add numbers to my phone memory. Why did this happen?

      Check the status of your phonebook memory. The memory can only save up to 1000 entries. If phonebook memory is full, delete some outdated entries.

    27. How can I use my phone as a webcam to my computer?

      Connect your Lenovo S800 to your computer via USB cable, then choose Webcam on your phone. Your computer will automatically install the driver. Once done, you are now ready to use your phone as your webcam.

    28. My phone doesn't switch on. What do I do?

      Check your battery level. If necessary, recharge your battery. You may try to switch on your phone during recharging. If your mobile phone has been put aside for a long time, the battery may be over-discharged. In this case, your phone cannot be switched on even if the battery has been recharged for a relatively long time. Please be patient and wait until battery level is recovered.

    29. Why does 'Enter PIN Code' appear after I switch ON my phone?

      The SIM lock feature of your phone has been activated under Security Settings. Enter the valid PIN code for your SIM card. If you do not know this code, contact your network service operator immediately. To switch OFF this feature, go to >Menu>Settings>Security Settings>SIM lock, then switch the settings from ON to OFF.

    30. My display prompts 'Enter PUK code:', what do I do?

      If you enter the PIN code incorrectly three times in a row, your SIM card will be locked. In this case, you have to enter the PUK code to unlock your SIM card. Please contact your network service operator immediately.

    31. Can I save two numbers under one contact name?

      Yes. Use the phone's memory to save the contacts numbers.

    32. The first time I opened the box, I noticed some damage to the unit and/or the unit's casing. What should I do?

      In the rare occurrence that your Lenovo E156 appears to have some damage or is not functioning properly straight out of the box, please refer to the enclosed Warranty Card and the Conditions of Limited Warranty.

    33. If I accidentally drop my phone, can I ask for a replacement?

      No. Accidental or improper use is not covered by the phone's Limited Warranty. Please refer to the enclosed Warranty Card.

    34. If something goes wrong with my phone, is there a number I can call?

      Yes. You can call the Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855.

    35. How do I "activate" my phone's warranty?

      It is advisable that you immediately register your phone to ensure Warranty Coverage. You can register your phone at the Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855, or email your details at register@lenovomobile.com.ph, or send your warranty details to: GLOBE: (+63) 917-564-5744 or SUN: (+63) 922-875-3157.

    36. Does my phone support SW update?

      Yes, you can visit Lenovo Mobile Service Center for your phone's SW update, or you can call Lenovo Mobile Customer Care Hotline No. at (+632) 836-5855 for more info.


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