24/7 With The Lenovo P70

24/7 With The Lenovo P70

One of the main problems with smart phones nowadays is that they tend to lose battery quickly. The problem has been so common in our generation that the term “wall huggers” was built. “Wall huggers” are those that unfortunately slave toward the electricity plugs just to recharge their smart phones. Smart phones of today eat up the battery because of the powerful apps and features they have; the stronger the smart phone, the stronger the battery consumption. But there is one smart phone that goes against the problematic battery capacity. This product manufactured by Lenovo does not only deliver well in performance but also in battery life. Say hello to the Lenovo P70!

The Lenovo P70’s highlight is its mammoth battery life of 4000mAh. You can do movie marathons, listen to road trip music, and create an amazing photo shoot without the hassle of landing on a low battery. By adding a power bank with the P70, you might be handling one of the longest lasting smart phones in the market when it comes to battery capacity. Another great highlight of the P70 is that the battery has a quick charge feature that gets you to 100% in just 3 hours. There’s also the P70’s power-saving software that extends your battery even further and OTG charging to power your other devices

Aside from the battery capacity, the P70 also sports some powerful specifications. Carrying MediaTek’s 4G LTE True8Core™ processor and 2GB RAM, the smart phone responds excellently to multiple tabs and it almost never slows down. The user interface is also top-notch functional, if you’re a gamer or a movie junkie then the P70 is perfectly catered for your preferences. Preloaded apps like Guvera, Evernote, and Navigate respond well to feature performance so expect some full-time application appreciation.

The camera quality is not bad either. With the battery’s capacity, you can expect to take photos and videos from sunrise to sunset. With 13MP & 5MP dual cameras that execute clear and crispy photos, you won’t realize the length of time you’ll be enjoying with the P70’s cameras.

If you want a phone that’s 24/7 active without the worry of ending on a dead battery, then the Lenovo P70 is surely the most effective and efficient smart phone buddy in today’s market.

For a more in-depth view on specifications, take a look at Lenovo P70’s product page.

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