All-day and all-around with the Lenovo A6000

All-day and all-around with the Lenovo A6000

The Lenovo A series has been impressive when it comes to all-around smart phones. One of their products, which is the Lenovo A6000, is an excellent addition to your lifestyle because it’s a handy pocket-wise device which can accommodate your daily activities. The device is no stranger to excellent user interface and entertainment. It’s one of the Lenovo products that are produced to generously reach your many needs. The Lenovo A series is once again stepping up the smart phone competition with smart phones that are both reasonable in price yet overstepping the boundaries of great user experience.

Welcome the Lenovo A6000!


1. Precise Communication
The Lenovo A6000 is a phone where call clarity is up to par. The smart phone is backed with excellent call clarity because of its advanced specification when it comes to communication. The user interface when it comes to text messaging is also great because of its subtle haptic feedback, great for typing convenience. You can text and send images hastily without the problem of lag or user glitch. Another great addition to the Lenovo A6000 is its dual sim feature. Both sim ports support 4g, 3g, and 2g, providing a wider range and variety to communication.


2. Long lasting battery
Lenovo smart phones have always been the top choice when it comes to battery life. The A6000 is one of the Lenovo products that testify to this claim. Backed with 2500mAh, the smart phone can run for more than one day even with full application usage. The smart phone also has a user replaceable battery. This renewal feature keeps your phone specification fresh and always up and running.


3. Powered by Dolby
The Lenovo A6000 is excellently accommodating in sound production. The headphone or earphone jack is already excellent when listening to music or watching movies, but the more impressive sound feature of the Lenovo A6000 is the Dolby Digital Surround feature. The speakers are loud and crisp and it can take your movie immersion up a notch.


4. Smooth in entertainment

Whether it’s watching movies, browsing internet, or playing games, the Lenovo A6000 runs smoothly on heavy duty applications. Updated with the Android™ 5.0, Lollipop and engineered with a 64-bit 1.7GHz octa-core, the A series phone is a powerful force that can perform well in games. And with a 5.0”Full HD IPS display, your visual entertainment needs are perfectly covered.

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