Best Lenovo Phones for Music Lovers

Best Lenovo Phones for Music Lovers

Smart phones of today have been aggressive in its fight for performance supremacy. But every suer knows that excellent multimedia is the way to go, especially with music. Every day, people take to the streets and with their earphones or headsets plugged in their travel buddy would be their smart phones. In the “vibe-out” department Lenovo and their flagship phones is the way to go. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they also excel in multimedia. Look no further because these phones are the way to your music soul.

Here are the best Lenovo phones for music lovers!


  1. Lenovo Vibe X3

The Vibe X3 is one of the best smart phones for all the audiophiles out there because of its first in the market technology. With this smart phone, you can expect full sound experience and clarity that leads to excellent immersing.


The Lenovo Vibe X3 has the Audiophile class sound feature that packs a lot of firepower when it comes to sound prowess. The Vibe X3 is crafted with the ESS SABRE 9018C2M which provides an unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio of 120db for media playback. Also, the VIBE X3 is the first smart phone ever to use a 3-chip amplifier called Texas Instruments OPA1612M: one of the best in the audio market. Voice interface is functioned superbly by a Wolfson WM8281 audio codec and a 3-mic input that provides crystal clear communications and recording. Lastly, there’s also a proprietary 3.5mm output socket for ultimate lossless audio over headphones.


  1. Lenovo Vibe X2

For your multi-layered lifestyle comes the multi-layered phone for you. The Lenovo Vibe X2 is creatively made to cater to your everyday life. Not only is it beautiful aesthetically but this smart phone from Lenovo is also a convenient buddy when it comes to music. It’s made to travel with you to your destinations with the help of its multimedia player. With its powerful interface and backed by MediaTek’s cutting-edge 4G LTE True8Core™, you don’t have to worry about music lag or glitches in your smart phone. Listening to music has never been this powerful and personal


  1. Lenovo K4 Note

Following the successful launch of the Lenovo Vibe X3 comes the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note. The K4 Note is the world’s first smartphone to offer Dolby Atmos®. With the Dolby Atmos enabled along with its massive chambered front stereo speakers, it produces superb surround sound performance. This technology is also specifically made to enhance user’s experience in VR technology. Another top of the line technology the Lenovo K4 note has is the Wolfson 8281 Audio Hub. The Wofson 8281 Audio Hub is an audio technology that creates an immersive sound experience to its users. You’ll feel your music amplified quality-wise and a steady flow of clear audio ensues.

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