Experience the power of Dolby Atmos

Experience the power of Dolby Atmos

You might enjoy your latest smartphone with all its amazing features and performance but having an immersive experience with it is a different story. Lenovo Mobile has impressively tapped the power of Dolby Atmos to let its users experience audio like never before. Dolby Atmos is at the forefront of developing technology that will level the visual prowess of VR Technology through sound quality. So what is the Dolby Atmos and how powerful is it?

Here are the exciting things you need to know about the Dolby Atmos!

  1. 3D Audio
    Developed in 2012, Atmos has developed a speaker technology which produces a 3D sound experience. The unique power of the Dolby Atmos is that it can specifically tract audio objects. Back then, sound was limited to specific channels which were routed to the speakers. With Dolby Atmos, you don’t have to limit a sound to a specific channel. The power of Dolby Atmos can specify where the specific sound comes from and it interprets the data to produce a playback within a 3D space. This is where the immersive prowess comes from.


  1. It provides a different level of immersion
    Because of the 3D audio of Dolby Atmos, height dimensions to the sound are heightened. Also the ability to pinpoint different sound channels produces a high degree of accuracy. The result of the technology is sound quality that feels absolutely realistic. Rain can be heard as if it’s drenching you. Gunshots and explosions feel like it’s all just beside you. Live bands feel as if you’re actually at the concert. this is the audio powers of the Dolby Atmos


  1. Dolby Atmos for Lenovo smartphones
    Smartphones like the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note and the Lenovo A7000 have tapped into Dolby Atmos to usher in audio performance that’s out of this world. Dolby Atmos audio leans on the concept of 3D soundscape to elevate smartphone entertainment and experience. Dolby Atmos provides Lenovo Smartphones full range of sound with outstanding quality and almost true-to-life detail. The audio drastically improves videos, games, and even online content


  1. Dolby Atmos is still pushing audio boundaries
    Dolby Atmos, even with its stellar 3D soundscape, is still improving as technology grows. the sound experience that Dolby Atmos has created will become the forefront to greater audio technology which will usher in a different level of sound entertainment.


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