Go Big in a Practical Way with the Lenovo A7000

Go Big in a Practical Way with the Lenovo A7000

If there’s anything that puts a struggle in your wallet, it’s expensive smartphones. Smartphones—specifically, the ones that are top of the line—usually compliment their performance to price. The better the smartphone, the higher the price, so to speak. But not all smartphones lean heavily on expensive pricing. There are very practical smartphones that help out those who are budgeted. The Lenovo A7000 is the price-friendly smartphone that can actually perform well with other phone products in the market. Not just any staple budget smartphone, the Lenovo A7000 has some unique features that set its signature among other Lenovo products.

Lenovo A7000 is equipped with the all-new Dolby Atmos® technology, a first of its kind; this arsenal puts Lenovo A7000 well with the entertainment department. With the new technology, its games are running smoothly, movies are streamed easily, and user interface responds effectively. Not bad for a budget smart phone right? You can amplify the experience if you want to go headphone junkie. For the exterior, the A7000’s speakers produce a crisp and loud sound, perfect if you want some good vibrating music around the house. You can also play around with the 8 mega pixel camera of the A7000 if you want to go all-photographer.

The A7000 also has 4G connectivity; it should be able to make web surfing quicker. Also, with the 8GB internal storage of the Lenovo A7000, videos and music that demand more capacity are streamed easily. You can actually download your favorite music albums in just 2-3 minutes because the 4G connectivity is five times faster than the 3G networks.

Creativity and convenience is not a stranger to the Lenovo A7000. Custom UI sparks as a big plus of the A7000 – on the menu screen you can tinker with your apps to sync you personal taste to the smartphone. Not only is it convenient for quick access apps but it adds a great level of format design in the smartphone. With the new Android Lollipop pre-loaded, expect tons of new apps and features to play around with. Did we forget that is sports 2G of RAM? With the RAM capacity utilizing UI, data response runs really well without any issues.

If you want multimedia entertainment and premium internet access without the hassle of paying expensive, then the Lenovo A7000 is the perfect choice for you! Budget-friendly yet powerful, this smart phone will really put a smile on your wallet.

For more information about the Lenovo A7000, you can look it up on our product page!

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