Grid Guide with the Lenovo Vibe Shot

Grid Guide with the Lenovo Vibe Shot

The Lenovo Vibe Shot sports a 16 megapixel front camera that can take beautiful photos in an instant. No doubt, third party editing apps will be used infrequently since the Vibe Shot’s camera prowess is already off the charts. When it comes to camera performance, Lenovo Vibe shot can go toe to toe with other camera-catered smart phones. Along with the whopping megapixels of the Vibe Shot, the smart phone also has camera features that can guide the user to compose better pictures. The grid guide is an excellent feature of the Vibe Shot, especially if you need to produce pictures that are more balanced. Understanding camera grids can be unusual at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’d notice a big difference when taking photos.

Here’s a video on using the grid guide with the Lenovo Vibe Shot

Here’s a guide on understanding the camera grids of the Lenovo Vibe Shot!


  1. Vertical and Horizontal lines

The vertical and horizontal lines of the camera on the Lenovo Vibe Shot act as a guide when choosing perspective. Some subjects you want to shoot are shaped in different ways; you’d have a hard time deciding which angle will be best to produce an excellent shot. The vertical and horizontal lines clean most of the problem. The grid lines make it easy to line-up images so they stay nice and even.


  1. Composition

Composition is important when taking photos with the Vibe Shot. It is what makes the chosen image highlighted and focused. Composing images takes an effort in arranging elements; creatively playing around with the elements will produce a suitable core idea for the chosen image.


There are multiple rules in lining up compositions; here are a few of them:


  1. Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is actually a simple method, that when used correctly, can produce amazing photos. The rules states that the most important subject should be places along the gridlines and between the intersections—the “power points”. By placing the subject along these areas, dead and senseless compositions won’t be much of a problem.



  1. The Golden Ratio

Also known as the “divine proportion”, the Golden Ratio is a composition method in order to decide how to split your frame. In this method, you don’t place the subject in the middle but along a certain horizontal angle. The image—which was placed strategically—will pop-out and will become the frame’s highlight.


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