How to Amplify your Lenovo Smartphone Speakers

How to Amplify your Lenovo Smartphone Speakers

So your Lenovo Smartphone speaker wants to be a walking boom box? Well, that can be arranged. The thing is, Lenovo Smartphone’s speakers are already decent enough for the daily user, but with a few creative and resourceful kick in the thinking curb, any smart phone speaker can boost up in the audible experience. Think of it as a more effective way in waking up from your alarm, or maybe you need some distractingly loud shower music? How about forgetting your dance speakers? Not to worry, creatively crafted amplifiers have got you covered.  You’d be surprised on the things that can be used in boosting the sound of your Lenovo Smartphone speakers; a few DIYs can definitely vibe out your living space. Plus, think of the quirky and funny designs you can conjure with the Lenovo Smartphone speakers. It’s going to be ridiculously fun and money-friendly, literally!

Here are some ways on how to amplify your Lenovo Smartphone Speakers!

  1. Paper Cups

It’s so generic, it’s actually unique. Paper cups can literally be found anywhere but did you know you can attach these things to your Lenovo Smartphone? You can insert your smart phone inside the middle of the bridge of a paper toiler roll. This toilet paper roll connects to two paper cups—or more, depending on your audio preference. Play some music and voila!


  1. Paper

It’s as simple as rolling a paper then placing it with your Lenovo Smartphone. This is actually one of the most practical ideas ever made so be sure to try it out.  It’s important to note that the longer and wider the paper, the better the sound volume will be.


  1. Glass cup

It’s been said that by placing your smart phone in a glass cup, the decibels will generously increase. What a great idea to place this on your bedside, that way you’ll never be late for work, meetings, and morning rituals ever again. Just be careful not to knock it over.


  1. Potato Chip Tubes

This long thing of a finely circular design is one of the best DIY ideas when amplifying your Lenovo Smartphone’s speakers. It’s actually funny when you think about the design because it looks like it came out of a cheap steam-punk movie. But hey, with a few modifications, the potato chip tube can be an aesthetic of wonder. How about adding some lights?


  1. Bowls

Your breakfast buddy—the cereal bowl—can become one of the best improvised amplifiers. The wideness of a chosen bowl can spread out the decibels giving off a decent boost in volume. You can test from a variety of bowl in your household then choose which one provided the loudest sound.

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