How to keep your smartphone clean

How to keep your smartphone clean

Today’s smartphone is in anyone’s hand 24/7. Over the years, the usage of this gadget has been rising to an outstanding rate. With smartphones always addressing our needs and making our lives convenient, we sometimes become too busy in taking care of it. Even with screen protectors and hard cases, smartphones can still fall into an unhygienic state. It’s always important to remind ourselves that the cleanliness of our things reflect our attitude toward everything else so you should always make it a point to maintain your smartphone.

Here are ways on how to keep your smartphone clean interiorly and exteriorly..


1. Wipe and clean your smartphone with a scrub

By wiping and scrubbing your smartphone and its case with a soft brush, excess residual dirt will be removed. It’s important to do this on a weekly basis to keep germs from building up. Dabbing small amounts of cleaning agents like alcohol can also help.


2. Wash your hands more often.

We do a lot of things while holding our smartphones, from eating to crafting art materials, our smartphone is always beside us ready to be used. Wit bacteria running on our hands, holding our smartphone afterwards can leave off a lot of smudges. Make sure to wash your hands after doing messy activities before holding your smart devices.


3. Place your smartphone at a safe and clean area

Smartphones tend to build bacteria when places at dirty places. Also, to prolong longevity and usability it’s always important to note that clean and safe areas are the way to go for your smartphone. Try placing it on soft materials or places where dust and dirt are close to a minimal


4. Use scotch tape for those annoying fingerprints

using a strip of Scotch Tape works wonders at lifting dust and fingerprints from the smartphone’s screen. Just place and stick the scotch tape to the surface of the screen and peel it off to remove any unwanted dirt and fingerprints. Repeat the previous step as often as necessary to clean the entire section.

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