How to prevent your Smartphone from overheating

How to prevent your Smartphone from overheating

Most problems of smartphone users can come from having an overheated phone. The overheating can eventually lead to performance lag and unresponsive interface. The causes range from a variety of situations, from using applications to environmental factors. Also, because of smartphones of today leaning on more power and performance, it puts a heavy load on the battery. It’s actually normal to feel worried when your smartphone is always heating up at an alarming rate but there are easy solutions to this problem.  Follow these preventive solutions and you don’t have to worry about your smartphone always overheating.

Here are ways to prevent your smartphone from overheating…


  1. Store your smartphone away from the sun
    your smartphone is not solar powered yet. When you leave it at an open area, the tendency is that your smartphone will be damaged from the heat of the sun rays. The system might get fried, causing multiple interface problems. Make sure to store your smartphone to places that are cool and shaded.


  1. Manage Apps and functions
    most users don’t know that apps and functions might be continuously running even if you’ve just recently closed them. Also, some apps tend to activate because of the system interface’s behavior to keep user convenience at maximum. With this power demand, your phone will easily heat up even when not in use. You can manage the apps and your smartphone’s functions through your settings menu.


  1. Stop extremely long hours of gaming
    one of the most demanding application for a smartphone is heavy duty games. These applications tend to drain your battery in an instant when used at long hours because of the demand it needs from your smartphone’s system. Manage your playing time to prevent your smartphone from wheezing and from overheating.


  1. Uninstall unwanted apps
    When your smartphone’s memory is packed with applications, pictures, videos, and games, it tends to struggle with lag. A smartphone can function properly if it has an extra space in its memory. It acts as the resting breath it needs to continue functioning. Don’t abuse your smartphone’s memory by uninstalling and deleting unwanted apps and media materials.


  1. Install updates
    when you’re smartphone is not updated, it tends to get confused with the operating system. Always schedule a smartphone update for it to run smoothly. Also, with updated apps, your smartphone will be effectively optimized. An optimized smartphone means that apps and functions will run with ease.

4 Responses to How to prevent your Smartphone from overheating

    • Hi Hadleyjilvee!

      It’s only normal for your phone to heat up especially if you’ve been using your phone for a long period of time. If you feel that your unit is heating up, we suggest that you let it rest for a while for it to cool down. When charging as well, make sure that the phone’s WiFi/data connection is disabled and that you also disable any apps running in the background. Hope this helps! :)

  1. Is it normal that the battery heats up even im just using it for regular application such as FB, browsing, texting and calling for just using it for about 5 mins or less coz I felt the heat after i inserted it on my pocket

    2nd is when the flash is enabled, the picture / image has a high contrast where the flash is sided

    • Hi Christopher!

      We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you feel that your phone is not behaving normal like before, you may bring your phone to our authorized service centers ( for our technicians to properly evaluate your phone. Thanks!

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