How To Take Selfies

How To Take Selfies

If there is one thing that our generation has a good grasp of, it’s how to take a selfie. Almost everyone takes selfies nowadays; our generation has achieved the habitual status of sharing our individual pictures through social media. Taking a selfie can ba an easy task but did you notice that some selfies are better than the others? Well, that’s because selfies—like any other skill—takes some practice. There are a lot of filters that are floating about in the app market but pulling off a raw selfie is actually an achievement waiting to happen. Well, you won’t be waiting that long. Pull off an amazing selfie by pairing it with an awesome smartphone. Yes, we’re talking about being a dynamic duo with the Lenovo Vibe Shot!

Here are some awesome tips how to take selfies with the Lenovo Vibe Shot.


  1. Try different angles – You can play around with your face’s features to determine which side seems to bloom the best with the Lenovo Vibe Shot’s front camera. Maybe you should tilt your shoulder more? Try emphasizing you cheek bones? How about highlighting the eyes? So many things to consider indeed.


  1. Lighting is the key – Aside from Vibe Shot’s front camera flash, you might also want to explore playing around with natural lighting. The natural light of your surroundings—depending on the time of day—can help your selfie game brighten up. Natural light can highlight your raw features, say goodbye to light filters! A sunset selfie? Why not!


  1. Check your background – You might pull off a beautiful selfie with the Lenovo Vibe Shot, but did you notice the piles of clutter in your background? Taking a selfie means considering your background; having a clean and worry free background can do wonders. You might need to clean up those distractions behind you or else you might not be the subject of the photo you’ll be posting.


  1. Shaking is a big no – You’ll be producing blurry images if you keep taking a selfie with an unstable or shaky hand. Having steady hands when taking selfie will produce viewable and acceptable pictures. Just a few seconds of stiffing those muscles will do you good, trust us.


  1. Crop – Honestly though, you can always edit your photos in your Vibe Shot so it can come out better. Making mistake in your selfie game can be quite the pickle. A large and unnecessary background can disrupt the balance of your picture. Take into consideration your mistakes then try to crop those excess spaces.


  1. Try different features – The Vibe shot has an excellent feature called the “Panoramic Selfie.” It’s the same as taking Panoramic Photos but using the front camera. Just steadily move the Vibe Shot’s selife camera left and right then watch the magic happen. It’s an excellent app to share with your friends. There’s a beautiful landscape in front of you? No worries! The Vibe Shot’s Panoramic selfie has got you covered. Lenovo Vibe Shot has an amazing feature called Panoramic Selfie, here’s what it looks like!


  1. Be wacky – You know what they say, there is beauty in chaos. Not everything in your selfies is supposed to be prim and proper. Strike a wacky pose! Stick out that tongue! Pull off a surprised look! Taking funny selfies really bring out your personality so adding this to your arsenal will surely give a light hearted experience.

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