The widescreen cinematic experience powered by VR technology built into the latest Lenovo Smartphones
Enjoy the TheaterMax experience
– Exclusively available on the Lenovo VIBE X3 and VIBE K4 Note
To experience TheaterMax, simply place the Lenovo VIBE X3 or VIBE K4 Note into the front of any VR headset. Look through the headset’s twin lenses, and you’ll see a single, super-size virtual screen – on which you can view movies, TV shows, games and much more.

Add sound from the phone’s Dolby Atmos® enabled speakers – or your headphones or earphones – and you can become totally immersed in the world of virtual reality. TheaterMax makes you believe you’re actually in the picture and part of the action. It opens up endless virtual reality possibilities for watching, interacting and exploring. And the power that drives TheaterMax is right there inside the Lenovo VIBE X3 and VIBE K4 Note Smartphones.
Use TheaterMax to watch any standard content – movies, TV shows, games and much more – on a massive screen with an undistorted 100° diagonal field of view.
TheaterMax gives you a fantastic platform for gaming. The sudden surge of interest in VR – combined with the fact that there are more game developers than ever before – means there's an influx of new games hitting the arena.
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The Lenovo VIBE X3 and VIBE K4 Note are the only smartphones featuring the VR technology that powers TheaterMax. To get to know more, simply click onto the buttons below.

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