Maximize Productivity with your Lenovo Smartphone

Maximize Productivity with your Lenovo Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, it is okay to over-utilize it! Your smartphone can do more than just playing music and taking selfies. Life can be so much easier and better with a smartphone if you just know how to properly use it. Here are some smartphone productivity hacks you deserve to know:

Put your essential apps on the Home Screen

Instagram, Twitter, or other social media apps fill your Home Screen. If you want to increase your productivity during office or study hours, then now’s the time to get rid of them on your main screen! Replace them with apps that you should be using for work. Seeing those apps when you first turn on your phone will encourage you to use them more frequently and keep them at the top of your mind.

Turn off your notifications

Need to focus 110% of your attention on an important task for the next hour? Set your phone to Do Not Disturb for the upcoming 60 minutes. A single unimportant notification may cause distraction and prevent you from being more productive. To enhance your productivity, limit yourself to a few necessary chat platforms and utilize them properly. This way you don’t become less productive because you lose too much time chatting

Your camera isn’t just for selfies and picture-perfect views

Taking advantage of your phone’s camera can truly make your life easier. For example, you can snap a picture of your notes from school so you can review them while travelling. Use your smartphone camera to store highly useful information like your ID numbers, to-do’s, tickets, and whatever you need to remember.

Put your phone on airplane mode when necessary

The airplane mode of a smartphone has many amazing benefits. For example, if you’re having trouble with your signal, just switch airplane mode on and then off, and your signal should be restored. Also, if you’ve been on-the-go all day and have a few percentage of battery when you get back to the office, turn your phone on airplane mode and it will charge much faster. Airplane mode can also help you prevent sending messages to the wrong person. Just quickly turn on airplane mode and when the message fails to deliver, you can delete it and then actually send it to the correct person.


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