Mobile Photography 101 With Lenovo Vibe Shot

Mobile Photography 101 With Lenovo Vibe Shot

When you tinker with the camera features of the Lenovo Vibe Shot, you can expect to be overwhelmed by the variety of effects and modes it can offer. Not that this is a bad thing; an excellent addition, actually. But understanding how to fully utilize the Lenovo Vibe Shot’s camera can take some time. Stand alone raw shooting is a breeze with the Lenovo Vibe Shot as it is bursting with megapixel power. Handling proper adjustments in your shots is a different thing though. Unleash the photographer in you by using the Lenovo Vibe Shot’s camera pro-mode! Missing out on the usage details? Don’t worry; we’re here to give you some quick and easy tips.

Enter mobile photography 101 with the Lenovo Vibe Shot


  1. Contrast

Contrast is the one responsible for adjusting the lightness and darkness of your picture. There is always a separation between the two, so the wider the gap, the more noticeable the difference. By using this Lenovo Vibe Shot camera feature, you can know whether or not to add more difference to your picture’s impact.


  1. Brightness

Adjusting the brightness can help if your image is too bright or too dark. Play around with this setting but make sure that your picture won’t look washed-out or highly pixelated.


  1. ISO

Adjusting your ISO means adjusting your camera’s sensitivity to light; it is one of the key factors in your picture’s exposure. It’s recommended that you only use lowest ISO setting as to preserve the balance between a clean image and a grainy one but different scenarios still make it subject to changes.


  1. Exposure

Exposure is the light meter of your camera, it determines how light or dark your image will appear. It consists of three parts: ISO (camera’s sensitivity to light), Aperture (regulates the camera lens’ exposure to light), and Shutter Speed (How the amount of light reaches the camera); these three basically make up how an image is produced.


  1. Focus

The Lenovo Vibe Shot’s focus determines the detail of your picture. Having bad focus will ensure a blurry photo. If you want your picture to be actually seen and to bloom with detail then be sure to keep your camera focus-ready.

Here’s a more comprehensive video on Lenovo Vibe Shots’ standard camera features.

For more information, please inquire on Lenovo’s contact page!

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  1. I just bought this smartphone yesterday, first time Lenovo smartphone user and I fell in love when I saw the Red Vibe Shot. Very satisfied, still have to tinker more after reading the article above, I tried a couple of Auto Mode shots and it was great! Getting a lot of pics here in Tagaytay as I am based here, thanks Lenovo for such a beautiful and ergonomic all in smartphone and handy dandy cam in one.

    • Wow, Mike! That’s good to hear. Thanks for supporting Lenovo Mobile. Hope you can share us some of the photos you took on Facebook. Thanks again! :)

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