Things To Do After Buying A New Phone

Things To Do After Buying A New Phone

Congratulations! You just bought new phone! An honest to goodness would be that you can’t wait to try out your new baby; the excitement gets to you as you giddily head home carrying your hard earned piece of mobile device. But wait, before showing-off and productively using your phone to the outside world, its best that it is readily equipped for the job. Phones are only as good as their owners, so they say; one minute the phone is sleek and shiny, the next thing you know it’s riddled with scratches and a bad case of unnecessary bloat ware. How about unleashing your smart phone’s fullest potential by knowing how to properly tinker with it?

We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on what to properly after buying a smartphone:

1. Accessorize

Try to get your new phone a screen protector and a durable casing after purchase so you can save it from all those scratches and dents. It’s a sure way to make your phone still looking brand new after energetically using it for a whole year. Don’t forget to buy pouches, protective straps, or travel bags if you’re feeling extra careful. Lastly, if you’re feeling up to it, you can also buy your phone some diverse looking blings based on your preference, of course. You can never go wrong by adding a little flavour to your smart phone

2. Completely play around with the settings

When we say play around, we mean to tweak your new phone according to your own personal style. There are tons of things to adjust in the settings. You can creatively choose what ringtone you want to annoy your workmates with or you can strategically adjust the alarm clock so you don’t keep waking up late. Systematically, your phone’s settings are in a default state so if you need to arrange how to live your life according to the assistance of your handy device, then we suggest you go through all the options.

3. Security is the best policy

Listen, packing your new phone with a lot of awesome applications is all good but it’s as important as securing your phone’s privacy. Just like smart phones like Lenovo, there are many variations when setting up your defences: Lock code, fingerprint scanner, locker– try all of these features, it’s really a necessity if we’re talking about very important information. To add more security, you can use Lenovo’s Sync-It; with it your photos, videos, projects, and important documents are back-up to a network only accessible with your account.

4. Delete unnecessary apps

Your new phone has pre-installed apps that can be useful or not. If you’re extra iffy with your phone, you can download applications that can clean your device’s cache and unused data, that way your phone can perform much faster and more user-responsive. Just be extra careful not to delete built-in apps that are extremely important in the function of your smart phone.

5. Creatively place your widgets

Widgets are pretty to look at only if you place them according to your sense of organization and style. With a strategically placed widget, you can easily glance at information that you need on a daily basis. Do you want to can easily check the time and date? How about you’re trying to check the battery usage of your new phone? Do you like spraying your favourite games across the screen? There are tons of things that can be placed in your home screen; you just have to choose which apps is the right one for you.

6. Set updates

It’s kind of a routine that you need to update your new phone’s applications, it’s important that way. With a new update, an app or game can have some minor adjustments that can make the usage easier. You can set up your update schedule or you can set it automatically, depending on your preference

7. Download Applications

This is one of the best parts of owning a new phone; the massive variety of application available through the network is immensely satisfying. You can pack your phone with a lot of firepower with apps on business, art, music, photography, and a whole lot more. If you’re a gamer, a businessman, an “artsy fartsy”, it doesn’t really matter, you can be all of these with the right application.

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    • You’re welcome Otto! Please feel free to contact us should you have other questions or concern. Thanks for supporting Lenovo Mobile Philippines! :)

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