Things You Don’t Know About Lenovo Vibe X2

Things You Don’t Know About Lenovo Vibe X2

A phone designed for your multi-layered lifestyle, the Lenovo Vibe X2 is the perfect phone for those who revel on individual style yet retaining a business casual aura. But Lenovo Vibe X2 is not just a confident choice when you want to add multiple colors in your lifestyle; this smartphone is also top of the line when talking about system performance. The Lenovo Vibe X2 is jacked with MediaTek’s cutting-edge 4G LTE True8Core™ which is catered for excellent wireless communications. Aside for this, it has auto-shutter gesture controls which make life easier for the daily smart phone warrior. With all these wonderful goodies the Lenovo Vibe X2 has to offer there are still many things to uncover under its mantle. For a phone of aesthetic design, the Lenovo Vibe X2 has many unique features that give a new meaning to interactivity, not only is it interactive but it is also

Here are things you don’t know about your Lenovo Vibe X2


  1. Bubbles Feature on Choosing Apps

Lenovo has been playfully crafting their user interface experience and the Bubble feature is one of them. The Bubble feature is a quirky and bubbly interface wherein the user chooses a variety of applications floating about in the lock screen. When you hit the starting bubble it will pop and multiply showing applications that you use frequently. This is a new take when having a convenient smart phone because it adds fun and uniqueness in the process.


  1. Shake to Lock

The Shake to Lock feature of the Lenovo Vibe X2 is a simple feature that can help in many ways. The process is by shaking your smartphone, the screen will automatically lock. If you’re not a fan of the third-party UI or tapping buttons to lock the screen then the Shake to Lock feature is a simple yet effective way to quickly lock your smartphone. Think of the random ways you can use this for emergency purposes; do you have snoopy friends? This feature has got you covered.

Check out this video on the Bubbles Feature on Choosing Apps and Shake-to-Lock!


  1. Pocket Dial Prevention App

There is always the dilemma of accidentally dialling numbers when you’re keeping your smartphone snugly inside your pocket. Sometimes, it can even call a random person; it will be too late for explaining when such an event occurs. If you’re tired of explaining to your friends and families that your phone just accidentally tapped their contacts then maybe it’s time to try Lenovo Vibe X2’s Pocket Dial Prevention App. With this feature, your phone will activate a smart screen that will save you the trouble of accidental pocket dials.

Check out the Pocket Dial Prevention App here!

For more information on the Lenovo Vibe X2, check out the product page found here!

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