Top 3 Video Players for Android

Top 3 Video Players for Android

With your phone’s default video player, you can watch video with just basic user interface. But if you want to get advanced video watching experience on Android, then you must to install a good video player. Here’s a list of video player apps to help you decide which player to download:


BSPlayer is an Android video player that can play the most popular video formats. It allows you to play videos and audio files from shared networks over a WiFi connection. This uncluttered video player with swipe gesture support is further enhanced by a variety of skins, letting you customize the interface to your liking. The app comes with external as well as embedded subtitles. Additionally, subtitles can be found using a data connection.


This app is one of the best free video player for smartphones that is specially designed for multi-taskers. GPlayer has the ability to play videos in windowed mode, allowing users to view multiple videos simultaneously. It also has a cool feature “Group Play” where you can stream videos to other people’s devices.


VLC is an all-in-one video player that supports all types of video format. This app is not only perfect for windows OS, but also for Android devices too. VLC supports auto-rotation, aspect ratio adjustments, and a few gestures to control volume and brightness. It is designed to play just about any file format — from mp3 and mp4 files to more unusual formats such as mkv and flac. VLC video player supports all video formats and subtitles.


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