Top VR games for your smart phone

Top VR games for your smart phone

VR technology is breaking boundaries with the immersive experience it gives. Technology is on the rise again as they cater to the growing needs of consumers. With this in mind, smart phones like Lenovo Vibe X3 and Lenovo Vibe K4 Note have been integrating VR games to their specifications. Also, games of today are slowly tapping the power of virtual reality to give gamers the best visual and interactive experience. The VR gaming scene has only just begun, but with the progress of today’s technology, games of the future are looking more interactive and realistic.

Here’s a list of the top VR games in the market!


1. Chair in a room
You can’t really tell if it’s a horror game. But with a dark room and a busted flashlight to go with, it can be really creepy. With the mysterious VR game, you’ll definitely feel the isolation inside a dark and compact room.


2. Arte360
Arte360 is a VR video application that immerses you to various majestic locations worldwide. You will experience the VR capabilities through old and rustic structures, large bodies of water, high mountains, animals in their habitat, urban places, and many more! It’s not as interactive as the other games in the market but it does a fantastic job in experiencing a worldwide view.


3. Vanguard V
This space exploration game takes its VR magic through the challenges of asteroid belts. Vanguard V takes the familiar interaction of games like Ace Combat. The game was designed to challenge your tilting abilities. Expect a fast paced game where timing and manoeuvrability plays a key role.


4. Caaaaardboard!
This VR game is a fun interactive experience that will bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. Caaaaardboard! is a game where you get to jump off on buildings while performing stunts in mid-air.  You only have the ability to tilt so the VR game packs a more intense experience.


5. Radial G Infinity
Radial G Infinity is an endless space runner game. You are boarded inside a space craft and you rush through the tracks as your enemies are hot on your tail. It’s pretty much like Temple Run or Subway Surfers but it’s integrated into a VR game. Its futuristic theme and ambiance will definitely hook you.


6. Heli VR
This VR game is a first person flight shooter where you get to pilot an army helicopter and shoot down enemy aircrafts. It has a scoring system to challenge gamers in terms of competitiveness.


8. House of Terror
House of Terror is a horror game where surprises and mysterious lurk about as you journey around the house. The creators made the game as immersive as possible so expect jump scares and eerie noises all throughout the VR game.


9. Candy Hunter VR
Collect candies as a flying insect as you do your best to avoid each inhabitant’s attempt to get you. This is definitely a fun and addictive VR game that will challenge your motor skills.

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