Traffic Tips with your Lenovo Smartphone

Traffic Tips with your Lenovo Smartphone

Let’s face it! traffic in the Philippines, especially in Manila, is always a struggle. Especially during rush hours, traffic can quickly go from bad to worse. In the heat of things along with road rage and undisciplined drivers, it can be really hard to keep up with these woes. That’s why whenever you’re trying to fight the Manila traffic, some tips and trick are necessary to survive. One of which is to have yourself some fun with your Lenovo Smartphone!

Here are traffic tips and tricks to survive the local traffics!


  1. Use driving apps
    From your Smartphone, GPS interface, map assists, and traffic counters can be a life saver especially when you don’t want to be late in your endeavours. Download these apps in the market and you’ll be able to manage your route away from the traffic efficiently. Even when you’re commuting, having these apps can direct you to the fastest route possible.


  1. Have a friendly call over your smartphone
    It’s handy when you have someone to distract you against the heavy traffic. Calling your loved ones or an old friend while commuting could definitely lighten the mood. For driving, however, just make sure that your smartphone is plugged into an earpiece or earphones so you still have both of your hands on the steering wheel.


  1. Play it cool
    Having that road rage won’t get you anywhere. Whether in driving or commuting, streaming music can definitely chill your vibe! You can also listen to some calming or inspirational podcasts for an inspirational and motivational boost. You’ll slog through the traffic positively with these audio companions.


  1. Avoid buses, jeepneys, and motorists
    Reckless drivers from buses, jeepneys, and motorists are always a menace. However, in the instance that the crash against your car, you won’t be receiving any compensation from them. So It’s better to obey the traffic rule and to stay clear of them. Let the traffic enforcers do their part.


  1. Follow traffic rules and regulations
    It’s always better to follow the law whether traffic or not. Let’s all be good citizens, shall we?

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