VR Technology with the Lenovo K4 Note

VR Technology with the Lenovo K4 Note

VR technology has been the all the rage in today’s trends. Science and technology, added with social sites, have been pushing new ideas and creating fresh concepts that push the boundaries of realism. Virtual Technology is slowly emerging as one of the top future entertainments in the whole world. Different technological products, specifically smart phones, are now slowly being integrated with VR features to cater to the ever growing and building demand of tech-savy and non tech-savy consumers.  One such smart phone that has already integrated VR technology in its features is the newest flagship phone from Lenovo: the Vibe K4 Note.

VR technology with the K4 Note…


Experience the dawn of a new reality

Partner the Vibe K4 Note with a VR headset and turn your wildest virtual dreams into reality. With the Lenovo Vibe K4 note, standard and staple movies and games are transformed into an impressive widescreen cinematic experience. For an amplified experience, the technique is to turn up the volume on the Vibe K4 Note’s surround-sound audio system, or headphones, and be ready to fully immerse in the world of virtual technology. With the VR headset prowess, you’ll get to enjoy the TheaterMax experience—Lenovo’s latest feature in visual experience with 100° diagonal field of undistorted view. Its powerful twin lens gives you an out of this world experience when viewing movies, play games, and many more! Lenovo has been pushing boundaries in technology performance and with their newest flagship phone, the VR scene has never sounded so exciting!


New Reality backed by powerful specifications

The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note is no stranger to consumer needs. Lenovo has been consistent in meticulously crafting smart phones that are not only performance excellent, but are also budget-friendly. The K4 Note is one of the few powerhouse phones in the market that match performance and features with price decency. For the price of P10,699, you get a complete smart phone package. Supported with a powerful operating System of Android™ 5.1, Lollipop and top of the line MediaTek MT6753 (up to 450MHz 3D graphics accelerator) 64-bit Octa-core processor , users can easily generate productivity and leisure.  Expect games to run extremely smooth and HD videos to play fluidly.

The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note is definitely one of the best flagship phones of Lenovo. With VR technology finally entering our generation, it’s a good thing that the K4 Note is there to cater to it and to its users.

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