What To Look For In A Gaming Phone

What To Look For In A Gaming Phone

Let’s face it, your smart phone has at least one or two games stored in its memory. Even at the beginning of its development, mobile games have always been active in providing entertainment to consumers. Gaming has never perished over the years; in fact, it continues to grow in consistent manners.  Like communication through smartphones, games have been toe-to-toe with other features because it adds relevance to time consumption. People of this generation usually play games to pass the time, or they play games just because they are in general, gamers. So with the evolution of button mashing goodness, going mobile is one of the ways to go. Some gaming phones are already so powerful, that they can easily replace other gaming consoles. The convenience one can get from the combination of music, photography, and communication, mixed in with gaming entertainment is a remarkable experience.

So whether you’re a daily smartphone user or a gamer by heart, games will always be part of our daily lives. With all the rage on new Smartphones always popping out at the market, finding gaming phones can be overwhelming and underwhelming. Overwhelming in a way because there is so many gaming phones to choose from nowadays; underwhelming because a lot of smartphones don’t usually prioritize gaming performance.

So what do you have to look for when choosing a gaming phone?


  1. High memory

Having high memory means more games. You can flexibly play around with just one game for a couple of weeks but what if you get bored? Why not try something new, right? High requirement games—for your information—need loads of memory so better make sure to find gaming phones with decent memory capacity, with excess if possible.


  1. Battery life

The breath of life as some would say, battery life of smartphones have been somewhat problematic because of the high performance output each one has. Gaming phones have always been a good provider of good battery life because games tend to eat up battery capacity in a very rapid pace.


  1. Processing power

Processing power mean multiple tasks. Having a high processing power can make any game play smoothly. Do you know about low frame rate and lagging? Well if no, then these things are what make gamers go crazy. Save the gamer troubles by stacking up on high processing power.


  1. Connectivity

Games—the good ones—usually need an internet connection. Especially for mobile games, internet is the life source that brings gamers together in the different mobile gaming platforms. Aside from this, you can brag about your scores and achievements over social media sites; to garner—or recruit, if putting it slightly—more people to join the gaming department, it’s more fun that way.


Here’s a video on the gaming performance of the Lenovo Vibe Z2!

You can check out Lenovo’s wide selection of smart phones specially catered for gaming, check it out here!

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