What to Look For In Your Lenovo Smartphone If You Do Movie Marathons

What to Look For In Your Lenovo Smartphone If You Do Movie Marathons

Are you one of those folks that pull off all-nighters to do some movie marathons? Well, join the club! It’s nice to do movie marathons whenever you have the free time. There’s actually a fulfilling moment when you finally see the credits roll on the 12th instalment of a famous movie. You can imagine the eye-strain and fatigue you’ll be having after the post-marathon. But it doesn’t really matter because movie marathons are extremely fun. At least on movie marathons you don’t get to be cliff-hanged, because as a real movie trooper, you’ll be finishing it completely from start to end.

Circumstances usually fall in random events, what if you’re a person who likes to travel a lot? Or what if your television unit broke down? Well, one of the best solutions to this is by going tag team with your mobile phone. With mobile phones achieving great heights in video quality—resolution, to be more specific—it’s easier and definitely better to watch movies on-the-go. Even when you’re lying in bed, you can do some straight-up movie marathons with your mobile phone. But with this year’s development in movie quality, there are so many to consider when watching movies.

Here’s what you need to consider when having a movie marathon using your Lenovo smartphone:


  1. Screen Resolution

Look, you can’t really enjoy a movie when you have an under-performing screen on your mobile phone. Usually, the case is that you might want to try the lines of 720p to 1080p. Go eye-candy with today’s high definition movies by complimenting it with a high definition mobile screen. Have you tried the 4K video quality? Well, you should and Lenovo has awesome phones that can cater to this eye-popping experience; its 4K ultra resolution is catered to bring out the best viewing experience.


  1. Battery life

Movie marathons take up massive amounts of time so it’s good to have a mobile phone that can take up the movies that are lined-up. You wouldn’t want your mobile phone shutting down during the climax of a movie so make sure to always check if it’s still accommodating on battery life. Attaching a power bank can help in many ways because it adds mobility to your watching habits and plugging your phone with a charger is not usually the best of methods.


  1. Accessories

This is actually optional but it can help you out in certain ways. Most mobile phones can be added with accessories, if you want to share the movie with a buddy or go solo, earphones will always be your best bet. But if you want to share it to the world or if you want the movie conversation to be heard next door then a speaker extension is a good idea. If you’re the type of person to watch on a table then a mobile stand can do wonders, that way you won’t have to hold your mobile phone during the entirety of the movie marathon.

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Can’t wait to buy your very own mobile movie buddy? Look no further! Lenovo’s array of impressive smart phones will surely cater to you!

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