Where to Buy Lenovo Smartphones

Where to Buy Lenovo Smartphones

With prices in the tech market reaching marks that are hard to reach and afford, it becomes to be understandable why people resort to cheaper alternatives and imitation phones. The undeniable thing is, settling for imitation smartphones or anything fake is never a good deal.

Sure, you get a sleek, powered-up gadget for half its price, but sooner or later, expect some compromise in the aspects of extra features and performance. The popular phrase, “You get what you pay for” cannot be anymore true. The risks of choosing imitation phones shouldn’t be lost on tech consumers of this day and age. While for some, it may be an issue with funds, for others—probably, a minority of the market—it’s ignorance that leads them to purchase fake ones. It’s also about how smart unauthorized dealers have become in marketing their goods.

To avoid being tricked, be sure about knowing where to buy your gadget. Do a little research and trust only in official sellers or those who are endorsed by either the brand or your friends. Where to buy real Lenovo smartphones in the Philippines, you ask? Check out these suggestions.


A top venue for where to buy hard-to-find health and beauty essentials, where to buy imported goods and other where to buy queries on Google, the online selling giant Lazada sells a selection of Lenovo units—from smartphones to tablets, laptops, PCs and other supplementary tech pieces. Lazada is your top go-to for shopping with convenience. What with its flexible payment options, especially its Cash on Delivery feature. Make sure to look out for exquisite deals as well, with their flash sales and tech sales.

View Lazada’s menu of available Lenovo units at http://www.lazada.com.ph/lenovo/

Authorized Dealers or Resellers

Another where to buy solution for Lenovo smartphones is doing the good ol’ store visit. Dropping by Lenovo partner shops and stores may be a more tedious option than Lazada, but the good thing about it is that you get a closer look at the Lenovo unit you’ve been wanting to try, and may also request for extensive assistance on running tests and such.

For more information on Lenovo Mobile Philippines and a peek on our list of Vibeshot resellers, visit http://lenovomobile.com.ph/store-locator/

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